Our mission is to trigger our community’s creativity by providing them the necessary means of time, space and environment. 

There has been a huge shift in the way people want to live. It is more and more about experiences over stability, disruption over tradition, collaboration over competition. This shift created a whole “co-movement” that has been changing how people live.

The rise of co-living projects makes the greatest sense as part of the millennial generation – set on flexibility, sharing community, detachment of possessions and  intelligent resource management.

A co-living is shaped conveniently to meet the needs of a community living together. This way of living encourages to seek experiences and practice knowledge sharing. Becoming a co-liver unlocks many lifestyles possibilities and brings together like-minded people on the same journey.  

Inspired by this new mindset, samesame co-living idea came as an answer to this generation call. But differently, since the love for art, culture and creativity is at the heart of the project – a co-living for creatives.

A place where community, wellbeing and respect are key. Where a connected and balanced mind-body-soul is equal to happiness and fulfilment. Where every detail of a daily routine deserves respect- respect ressources, food, materials and more importantly, respect others and ourselves. 

After a long time of crafting, samesame was born in 2019 by the hands of three Lisbon-based friends: Filipa and two Gonçalos. Starting with an old traditional portuguese building and with the collaboration of a young professional team of architects, a 100% Portuguese creative co-living came to life in one of the most multicultural areas of Lisbon.




“samesame é o primeiro espaço de co-living criativo de Lisboa”



Há uma co-revolution na habitação em Portugal



Coliving: o futuro da habitação pode passar por aqui



samesame – quando uma casa é um passaporte para um mundo novo



“(Con)viver em casas partilhadas está a despertar o apetite dos investidores”



Coliving: o futuro da habitação pode passar por aqui



“SameSame: uma residencial criativa em Lisboa”



“Jovens partilham casa para garantir um teto na cidade”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is co-living?

And why is yours “creative”?


 A Co-living is a new way of living and belonging, borrowed from an old danish concept of the 60’s. It is a place where one can sleep, work and live a lifestyle set on convenience, community, comfort, sustainability and the  sharing economy – where collaboration, open-mindedness and tolerance are key. How? In samesame, residents live together in the same building and share common areas, common values and similar journeys. However, they also have space for their privacy: both their bedrooms and bathrooms are private. What is different in Samesame, and what makes it creative,  is the dream of gathering a community of people taking a creative path on life – either as art enthusiasts or artists. Around each corner of the co-living building, samesame raised two co-working spaces for workers of creative fields.




What do I need to do to become a co-liver?

Is it a long process?


The application to become a co-liver is easy and can be fully done online – however if you are around, you can come and visit, take a tour and apply in-person. Either way, you will need to fill an application form, share with us a bit about yourself and choose an available room. Once both our parts are done, you reservation is secured (this will take only a couple of days!).

Then, once you have your feet in your new home, you can sign the lease in person. 




What kind of community will

I be co-living with?


A small community of like-minded people, coming from all different parts of the globe and different backgrounds: they can be digital nomads, remote workers, expats, students, business travellers in the different creative fields such as design, art or marketing. On daily basis you will also have the opportunity to co-work with local creatives by booking a sit in one of our co-working spaces or looking for free available hot desks.

Overall, the community is just looking for a homy and creative place to rest, create and linger.




If I need to work, is there a place

where I can be productive?


Inside Samesame, you have place to take a sit and work – as you would do in any other house. However, if you are looking for a creative and productive environment, Samesame built two creative spaces around the corner, with special fees for its residents. On one side of the building you have Esquina – thought for Plastic artists. On the other, you have BECO – developed to accommodate the workers from the creative industries. 

The two spaces receive both co-living and local creative minds. 




The access to the co-working spaces is included?


To make it easier to each co-liver to decide if they need a place to work or not – this fee is not included in the final price. But we have a special price for our co-livers, making it a 7€ per day fee :). 




What kind of accomodations are there?

How much do they cost?


samesame offers 4 types of accomodations: 

Private bedrooms in shared apartments, Studios, 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom apartments that you can book all for yourself. Check our rooms and apartments here.

The cost varies depending on the typology booked, it can go from 33€ to 124€ per night, depending on how many nights you want (we have discounts for long term). You can see the final value while applying, check here.




How many bedrooms are there?

What can I expect to find in the bedroom?

Is the bathroom shared?

Samesame dreamt of a close like minded community, so there are a total of nine bedrooms, 5 on the 2nd floor and 4 on the 3rd floor.

In each bedroom you can expected to find a bed with a high end mattress, climate control, an in-room wardrobe.

Some rooms also have balconies and terraces, applying for  one of these depends availability.

There is a private bathroom inside each bedroom and you can count on weekly cleaning and freshly changed linens and towels. 

What are the shared spaces in the building?


Shared areas are all the areas outside your bedroom and bathroom. From the kitchen to the living room and any other corners you can find around the co-living. Except if you book a private apartament, then you don’t have to share the kitchen and living room. 




What is included in the monthly fee?

Do you clean? Do you cook?


When you are officially part of family, you have acess to:



EASY LIVING: easy in / easy out; all co-living costs included

HOMY: furnished with 60’s iconic design pieces; high-end kitchens with essential appliances

INDIVIDUAL PERKS: in-room climate control, private bathrooms, wardrobes and high-end mattresses

SHARING: community host; whatsapp group; weekly events

CREATIVE & CONNECTED: super fast wi-fi; special rates on our creative co-working spaces

WEEKLY CARING: bio fruit delivery; cleaning; linens & towels change; restock of toiletries

NEARBY: other special rates in: laundry service & Portuguese courses



So yes, we do clean on a weekly basis. On a daily basis, since this is your home as well, we are counting on you to keep our shared spaces organized. We don’t cook on a daily basis, but we (the team behind this project) love to make community dinners, invite you to have dinner somewhere else or be pleased by the meal you would prepare for us. After all, sharing is caring. 

What is not included in the fee is the access to the co-works owned by samesame, to any gym or laundry services, portuguese classes or free groceries (although you have access to a free organic fruit and vegetables’ basket each week :)) . We have special rates negotiated with some partners that can help you to get access to these type of commodities.




Are couples allowed in the bedrooms?


Yes, you and your partner are welcomed to become co-livers – just inform us about when and how you would like to proceed. You can either pay an extra fee of 10€ / night for the extra guest sleeping over or you can book for a month for two people with an extra fee of 5€ / night.




Are pets allowed?


Although we love pets, we can not host them as co-livers 🙁 . Sometimes, in specific events with prior consultation, they are more than welcomed! 



What type of events do you organize?


Different types of events are organized every week to connect the community. 

From “community first”  events such as family meals, wellness, creative, cultural, exploring and solidarity events. Check how we linger in our homepage and you can also check our instagram .




Can I invite friends over?

Organize my own event?


You can invite friends, as long as your housemates agree with it. 

We encourage our residents to host their own community events in any shared space, they can also suggest any event inside the co-works owned by samesame. Once as a co-liver, you can talk with the community host or samesame’s team for any question.


I want to get to know Lisbon, may be learn portuguese…

Will you help me?


Yes, a city map curated by samesame will be handed to you upon your arrival, curated by samesame. In addition, we will provide you a list with all the relevant points to facilitate your daily life, such as pharmacy, groceries, gyms – and of course the best restaurants in the area. Moreover, you can ask the other members and samesame’s team for any tip about Lisbon. Some events will be hosted around the city and we can also connect you to portuguese teachers!