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samesame coliving building

A Creative

Way of Co-living

Raised upon the need of creating a place that cherishes art and the sense of belonging, samesame is a place where imagination is supported and your own creative self is welcomed into a growing like-minded community. 


The first Portuguese creative co-living in the center of Lisbon where you can rest, create and linger. It belongs to a creative hub, that includes two creative co-working spaces and an event venue – Beco, Esquina and Insitu. 


Samesame was built upon values as community, creativity, sustainability and
micro-scale and our ultimate purpose is to trigger our community’s creativity by providing the necessary means of time, space and ambiance.


samesame is an old traditional building remodeled by a young Portuguese team of architects, designed to guarantee the best resting conditions for the co-livers.  It can host you in shared or private apartments. One thing is for sure, the room and bathroom are entirely yours!


easy in / easy out;

all co-living costs included


furnished with 60’s iconic design pieces;

high-end kitchens with essential appliances


in-room climate control,

private bathrooms,

wardrobes and high-end mattresses


Community host;

whatsapp group;

weekly events


super fast wi-fi;

free hot desk or special rates on our creative co-working spaces


bio fruit, vegetables and eggs delivery;

cleaning; linens & towels change;

restock of toiletries


other special rates in:

laundry service;

Portuguese courses

samesame sustainability coliving lisbon


you are contributing to a more sustainable world – check how on our sustainability tab


samesame is a place of creation, where people and initiatives come together to have a powerful and positive impact on society. 

Thus, to accelarate the effect, two co-working spaces were raised within the samesame creative block – Esquina and BECO.

However, for those looking to create in a more private atmosphere, the desks inside the co-living can be used at any time.



A nonconformist atelier designed for plastic artists, currently hosting 5 residents. Not only it is a working space, it also is a door open gallery that hosts monthly exhibitions and workshops. Available space for new residents.


Facilities: A shared studio with desks and racks; 1 private studio; 1 darkroom; 1 silkscreen table; 1 lightbox; 1 storage room; 1 kitchenette; 2 bathrooms

Amenities: Multifunction printer; cleaning service

Access to: creative community; monthly exhibitions; possibility to exhibit at Esquina and do your own workshops, communication team that will help to promote your work, private events; affordable rate




A micro and tailored hub for professionals within the creative industries. To stimulate a synergic effect between creatives, the space only counts 25 work seats. As a creativity agent, BECO activates exhibitions, concerts, talks & movie nights to empower talent and encourage the sharing of ideas. Working desks available.


Facilities: 5 work tables for 25 people; 1 meeting room; 1 small kitchen; 1 toilet

Amenities: superfast wi-fi; multifunction printer; cleaning service; secured door entry

Access to: creative community & events; rest area; special rates for co-livers





samesame wants you to stay and enjoy life as a co-liver. Therefore, different events are organized on a monthly and weekly basis to stimulate the creative lifestyle and the community sense of belonging. samesame’s events include:

Community first: family meals; movie nights; night outs


Creative Development: workshops; talks & networking events


Cultural: curated artistic events; tours to outside galleries


Wellness: yoga; meditation; sports sessions


Exploring: recommended tours and events around the neighbourhood



Insitu is the bar, restaurant & event venue right around the corner of the co-living, a place between Earth and Sky. Away from chaos, where nature dictates the pace.
Where lingering is praised, because everything takes time.
A place to be by the table, living by the rhythm of the seasons.


Daily, Insitu uses the best natural ingredients available to serve both the co-livers and outside visitors. By night, the place closes for exclusive dinners and co-living events.

Since rooting is so relevant for Insitu, portuguese is the mother language of the place. Check instagram and contact us in case you want more information.



samesame is located at the multicultural neighbourhood of Mouraria.

A mark in the portuguese history– where Moors lived before the portuguese reconquest and where Fado was born. Mouraria serves food from all over the world, hosts a mini “Chinatown”,  owns the most beautiful tiled façades and the most beautiful views over Lisbon. The sense of community is inherent to the neighbourhood and the thriving artistic atmosphere is also becoming part of its DNA. There is no way to get bored around the Mouraria.