Welcome to samesame’s world.

Here you get to know us a bit better: about us and about our creative co-livers, about the way we co-live and co-work in our creative block and finally about our ideas on art, how we see the socio-cultural shifts and whatever-we-feel that is shaping the world.


Predictions for life after the beginning of 2020


This year, a sanitary crisis came into our lives, challenging our reality in all its dimensions. Until a vaccine is distributed to make us feel safe again, we wonder how life will be.  


How people from the 1900’s imagined the future and how different and similar is our current present?


An analysis on how accurate were the 1900’s predictions for the 21st century on transportation, energy, technology in our personal lives, cities and finally housing (spoiler alert: the co-living lifestyle was kinda of predicted). 


How to survive isolation in a co-living?


The quarantine has came. We call it creative co-rantine since it is the quarantine of our co-living lifestyle  – isolation within a creative community.


What is a co-living?


Co-living was born from the Danish cohousing concept of the 60’s and  adapted to the current times.


Wiping out the lonely feeling


As a co-living space, we believe that social connection and being part of a community can help a lot to smooth the loneliness. Find some ideas to help you wipe out the lonely feeling!